YouMatch launches the Open Innovation Fund for Employment Services (OIFES)


We are proud to announce that the projects to be funded through the YouMatch – Open Innovation Fund for Employment Services (OIFES) have been selected.

The YouMatch Innovation Fund complements the regional networks by providing grants and subsidies for implementing, testing and showcasing innovative approaches and solutions developed and co-created within our working groups. After receiving 17 interesting and innovative proposals, seven projects have been selected for funding. The seven awarded projects include three projects from the MENA region and four projects from Sub-Saharan Africa – all of whom address pressing challenges to the promotion of employment services for youth.

We appreciate the multi-sector character of the selected projects, their innovative potential as well as the broad country involvement. Actors from Algeria, Ghana, Jordan, Kenya, Morocco, Namibia, Rwanda, Tanzania, Tunisia and Uganda actively engage in the projects as lead organisations or cooperating partners.

With regard to the content, the selected projects include a broad range of topics – varying from the development of soft skills, over quality student placements in organisations to improved employment services for young people with disabilities. For further insights on the funded innovation projects, kindly have a look at the “files” section below.

We are looking forward to the next steps of the OIFES process, the development of the complete project concepts as well as the upcoming planning workshops in our project regions.


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