Regional Dialogue on Employment Services (MENA)

YouMatchAmman, Jordan | 2016-07-18 jusqu'à 07-20

The Regional Dialogue on Employment Services for youth (MENA) is taking place from 18-20 July in Amman/Jordan. Representatives from labour ministries, business associations, civil society and youth organisations as well as bilateral employment promotion programs from Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia will come together and lay the ground for the YouMatch network in the region.

On the first day of the Dialogue, 18 July 2016, the toolbox project will be officially launched. The toolbox project has been given the political Label of UfM, our close cooperation partner, in June 2016.

Further principal objectives of the Regional Dialogue (MENA) are to:

  • Reinforce the YouMatch knowledge sharing and peer learning idea and deepen the professional networking among the stakeholders from the participating MENA countries,
  • Learn about employment promotion strategies and service offers for young jobseekers in Jordan and share own good practices,
  • Gain stakeholders’ and practitioners’ commitment to connect on the YouMatch platform and to actively engage in working groups related to the Toolbox Project,
  • Agree on milestones, formats and a work plan for regional peer working groups on selected employment services and/or jointly defined challenges.

We are looking forward to an active event and interesting discussions from different stakeholder perspectives.


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