Milestones reached – Preliminary study results on inclusion of people with disabilities available

After an intensive phase of research, the project team of the YouMatch funded innovation project “Improving employment services for people with disabilities” could harvest the fruit of their consultants’ work: on 20 December 2017, the international as well as the national consultants presented their preliminary study reports at the premises of the Moroccan labour agency ANAPEC in Casablanca.

The objective of the national study had been a mapping of associations, training institutions and companies in Morocco, which already promote and practice inclusion. The study focussed on four Moroccan regions including Casablanca, Rabat and Tangier, where altogether about half of the countries’ population lives. The study results are promising in the way that important legal frameworks and a variety of approaches to promote the professional integration of people with disabilities exist. However, systematic implementation guidelines and consulting know how on the part of the employment agencies are still lacking.

The international benchmark study compiled framework conditions and good practices of the integration of people with disabilities into the labour market mainly from France and Germany. One conclusion is that the German system of imposing quota and at the same time offering financial support to companies who employ people with disabilities proved to be comparatively efficient.

After the presentation of the study results, the project team as well as the directors of several regional ANAPEC agencies entered into a vivid discussion on how to follow up on the recommendations derived from the studies. They will get further “food for thought” in the frame of a study tour to Germany and France end of January 2018, which is the next step in the frame of this YouMatch innovation project.



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