Launch of Online Career Platform – Prokaziea

Kampala | 2017-10-06

On 6th October 2017 the online career  platform Prokaziea was launched in Kampala, Uganda.

The platform has been created by CEFORD (Community Empowerment for Rural Development) and was promoted in the frame of IIDEA – the Incubator for Integration and development in East Africa, an initiative by the East African Community, the Regional Dialogue Committee and GIZ on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

In the frame of the launch the working product of the online application, that includes internship matching as core function, has been activated and presented to an audience by the developers behind Prokaziea.

The participants, varying from students to public sector representatives as well as civil society organisations engaged in an active and fruitful dialogue.

Prokaziea will be an online solution for students, employers as well as job seekers that allows to simplify matching processes to the benefit of all  parties involved. In its further development, it shall simplify the access to opportunities to young people just as it allows employers to publish open opportunities in a simplified and rapid manner.

While launched in Uganda, Prokaziea addresses East Africa as a whole and therefore supports the free flow and exchange of work experience in the region. We are looking forward to the continuing journey of this very promising working product.


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