Knowledge Sharing Workshop – Digital Opportunity Trust, Rwanda

Digital Opportunity Trust, RwandaRwanda | 2018-03-02

In the frame of the OIFES project “Enhancing career development through partnership between schools and employers”, implemented by Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) Rwanda and its implementing partners a regional knowledge sharing workshop was moderated by Lillian Moremi from Botswana; one of the members of the YouMatch working group #3 on “Attracting Employers”. Mr. Emmanuel Nzeyimana, the National Programme Manager of DOT Rwanda, opened the workshop by welcoming all attendees and introducing the participants from outside of Rwanda as well as the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Youth as guest of honour to the event.

Thereafter, Mr. Ndekezi, DOT’s Regional Learning Manager, took the participants through the OIFES project implementation, highlighting and various tools that were developed for the hidden employment opportunity mapping exercise.

Mr. Ndekezi stated that the implementation of the project started with the adjustment of the existing training manual on employability skills where they added content related to the exploration of hidden employment opportunities. It consequently continued with the selection and training of 448 students on employability skills . The training helped to identify the 233 student volunteers who took part in the exercise of mapping hidden employment opportunities. 228 students out of 233 student volunteers became the peer-to-peer coaches who will be coaching their peers on how to explore the hidden employment opportunities (internship, jobs, self-employment).

Along with the training of students volunteers for a peer to peer coaching work, four key tools that have been used during the project implementation were shared with participants to the workshop, namely:

  • Peer to peer career coaching guide
  • Peer to Peer Career Coaching (a skills development training manual ) for integrated career development center (ICDC)
  • Strategy Guide for Hidden Market Opportunities Mapping for the Career Centers- Integrated Career Development Center (ICDC)
  • Career development program for integrated career development centers (ICDCS)

In addition to those documents, an online database was developed to store and facilitate the access of the explored hidden employment opportunities. So far around 307 employment opportunities are profiled and stored in the two databases of both two colleges ( UR-CAVM and IPRC West). The majority of those opportunities are opportunities for self-employment.

As a feedback to the presentation of Mr. Ndekezi, the participants appreciated the work that has been done by DOT Rwanda under the support of GIZ/YouMatch. They recommended that such initiatives should be scaled up in institutions of Higher learning institutions and be adapted to the services of Employment services centers as well as in lower learning institutions. In his speech, the permanent secretary in the ministry youth appreciated the Integrated career development center (ICDC) model that DOT Rwanda introduced in the two college and he supported the activity of sending students out and explore the hidden employment opportunities that are available around their colleges’ campuses.


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