Inclusion of people with disabilities – ANAPEC presents OIFES project

Casablanca, Morocco | 2017-07-25

An important step towards implementing the YouMatch funded innovation project “Improving employment services for people with disabilities” was made on 25 July 2017 in Casablanca. As lead organisation of this OIFES project, the national Moroccan labour agency ANAPEC gathered a group of stakeholders in its premises, including representatives of the Ministry of Labour, the Ministry of Family, Solidarity, Equality and Social Development, the Moroccan Employers Confederation (CGEM), Entraide Nationale and further organisations like AMH that engage for the interests of people with disabilities.

In her opening speech, Mrs. Naima Barri, Head of Division Employment Services, explained the main objectives of the event, namely to inform and to “find allies” in order make the project a success.

Key measures of the applied research project “Improving employment services for people with disabilities” are

  • the mapping of associations, training institutions and companies in Morocco, which already promote and practice inclusion,
  • the elaboration of an international benchmark study with good practices from other countries in the MENA region and beyond, e.g. from Europe
  • the formulation of recommendations on how to improve employment services for people with disabilities, also as a contribution to the national strategy on inclusion
  • the web-based publication of project results in a way that is accessible to people with different types of handicaps

Discussions during the meeting showed that a multitude of stakeholders is active in this field in Morocco, but that institutions are hardly aware of what the others are doing. In order to create synergies, ANAPEC invited the stakeholders to share their experiences and to become active as partners and focal points – in the frame of the OIFES project and in the ongoing joint endeavour to promote the professional insertion of people with disabilities.

Even though the OIFES project “Improving employment services for people with disabilities” has a strong focus on Morocco, it follows the YouMatch approach of regional exchange and peer learning. Network partners from Algeria and Tunisia will be involved in a dialogue on project findings, and the Moroccan stakeholders expressed their interest to exchange with their peers from the Maghreb countries. Finally, Mr. Idir Ouguindi, AMH, stressed the relevance of both, south-south and south-north exchange of experiences and work results.


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