Experts workshop on Job profile development

Akazi Kanoze AccessMuhanga Town | 2017-11-27 jusqu'à 11-29

“The Mismatch between the expectation of job seekers and employers is one of the crucial challenges to employment for young people and it is the reason why we are gathered in here to develop an instrument that would help to address that challenge” explains Angela Rugo, the representative of the Rwandan NGO Akazi Kanoze Access’ (AKA).

AKA, together with its cooperating partners from the public sector, Workforce Development Authority and Kigali Employment Services Centre, is implementing the project “Matching Expectations of Job Seekers and Employers” which is supported through the YouMatch Open Innovation Fund on Employment Services (OIFES).

In line with the objective of the project, from 27 to 29 November, Akazi Kanoze Access conducted an experts’ workshop to develop job profiles for selected occupations to the benefit of both jobseekers and employers. The exercise of developing occupational information has been subsequent to the assignment of conducting a sector analysis in three chosen trades namely ICT, Tourism and Construction. The sector analysis exercise allowed for the selection of six occupations to be described. Those selected occupations are according to the identified sectors:

  • Construction: Plumber and Mason
  • ICT: Graphic Designer and IT Support
  • Tourism: Travel agent and inquiry clerk

The criteria for choosing those six occupations were: a) whether a fresh graduate without experience could perform the job, b) whether the occupation is susceptible to hire a great number of fresh graduate-jobseekers and c) whether the job demand will remain stable and is not expected to decline.

To develop job profiles for the above-mentioned occupations, 36 experts in ICT, Tourism, and Construction have been gathered in Muhanga Town (in southern Province of Rwanda) for a 3 days workshop. In their six respective working groups, three DACUM facilitators assisted the experts in analyzing the occupations of their concern through the production of a job profiles where key job tasks and responsibilities at entry level were documented by using the DACUM chart. DACUM is an acronym for “Developing a Curriculum”. It is a storyboarding process to provide a picture of what a worker does or is expected to do in terms of duties, tasks, knowledge, skills, etc.

The exercise started by identifying what are duties and tasks that should be performed by a fresh graduate in each of the selected occupations.

The exercise of developing duties and tasks was followed by gathering occupational information such as required qualification and skills, daily working hours, range of salary, what to expect in form of work environment, potential employers, professional advancement and career prospects.

After 3 days of the expert workshop, the team came up with draft job profiles for each occupation. The DACUM facilitators now have been assigned the task of finalizing and fine-tuning the drafts that should be presented to relevant stakeholders such as concerned chambers, the Rwandan private sector federation, the sector skills council as well as selected employers for validation. The validation workshop will take place on December 20, 2017. Once the developed job profiles are validated, they will be converted into a guiding document that will be helping young jobseekers to match their portfolio to the developed profiles.


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