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In the framework of the OIFES project “Enhancing career development through partnership between schools and employers , DOT Rwanda conducted a lesson learnt workshop and supported the conduct of career day events in the two colleges of higher learning education in Rwanda, from 28th February to 2nd March 2018.

The career day event in the college of Agriculture and veterinary medicine (UR_CAVM) is a practice that is regularly done to support the students to connect with alumni, staff and employing organizations. The event helps students to know and exhibit their career as well as to get career advice from various practitioners in the field of agriculture and veterinary medicine.

This year’s career day was particularly interesting as it brought together various participants from inside and outside the country, different public and private institutions working in Musanze District as well as members of the YouMatch Working group on “Attracting Employers” and representatives from DOT Kenya and Tanzania. The theme of the event was “Innovation and Creativity, the key to Sustained Youth Employability in Agriculture”.

The opening remarks to CAVM’s career day were delivered by the principal of the colleges, Dr. Letitia NYINAWAMWIZA who thanked public and private companies for offering internship and industrial attachment opportunities to UR-CAVM students but also for giving jobs to their graduates. She strongly emphasized that degrees alone are no longer sufficient for the graduates in Rwanda to succeed and flourish in this 21st century. She said that they need more entrepreneurship and networking skills/knowledge so that once they graduate and leave the college they are equipped with the right information and tools that can help them succeed in labor market.

The introduction was complemented through further remarks from the capacity development and employment service department of Rwanda Development Board (RDB) as well as the president of the private sector federation in north province, who ensured the demand of the northern province’s private sector enterprises for CAVM students. Additionally, DOT’s Regional Learning Manager Mr. Ndekezi presented the integrated career development center as an approach of DOT (Digital Opportunity Trust) to help students and the career Centres to discover hidden employment opportunities that are existing around the college.

“DOT Rwanda ,under this six month innovation project that is largely co-funded by GIZ/ YouMatch, developed a peer to peer coaching model so that student volunteers can assist their fellow students in career related matters and in how to find opportunities for jobs and work experience”

The presentations were followed by the visit to the stands of the various exhibitors, where the participants of the career day observed various employment opportunities that exist in agriculture and animal husbandry field. The students of the UR CAVM Career Centre presented the compiled database of hidden employment opportunities as well as various tools and procedures they used to explore those opportunities. Most of the explored opportunities were for self-employment and internship.

Similarly, on 1st of March the career day in IPRC west brought much insight to the relevancy of supporting students to go out and explore employment opportunities as well as to network with potential employers.

After the introductory remarks of Frederic MUTANGANA, the Vice Principal in charge of Academics and Training who appreciated the valuable contribution that DOT Rwanda has been providing to the career Centre, the students from IPRC West also exhibited a database of explored opportunities as well as the tools they used during the employment opportunity mapping .

In the frame of this exciting project, thanks to the commitment of everyone involved, so far around 307 employment opportunities are profiled and stored in the two databases of both colleges ( UR-CAVM and IPRC West). The majority of those opportunities are opportunities for self-employment.


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