Employment Services

Employment Services intermediate between the demand side (employers) and the supply side (job-seekers) of the labour market. They can focus on either one or contribute to more than one of the overall objectives of job orientation, preparation and matching. Employment Services are designed to support the employability and career prospects of young people and to help employers recruit motivated and qualified staff.


The toolbox is directed to individuals, organisations, and institutions active in promoting youth employment. It introduces some of the most effective Employment Services and illustrates each one with examples of good practice (Case Studies). The toolbox combines theoretical concepts with practical implementation expertise. It is a source of information and inspiration for practitioners and policy-makers around the globe. As a dynamic instrument, the toolbox is designed for continuous update and modification. A basic version will be completed by May 2018.

Employment Services in Detail

Find in-depth-information about core employment services and get inspired by good practice examples in the field of job orientation, preparation and matching.

Cross-Cutting Topics in Detail

Find in-depth-information about core cross-cutting topics, which are relevant for the implementation of employment services, and get inspired by various good practice examples.

Innovation Projects

Innovation Projects develop, test and pilot innovative approaches and are supported by the YouMatch Open Innovation Fund for Employment Services.

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