Case Study

Fastroad – Inclusive transport specialist


Created in 2010, Fastroad is a new, ‘adapted’ French company operating in the goods and passenger transport sector.

In France, an adapted company is a private sector enterprise approved by the state, which is characterised by the fact that at least 80 per cent of its workforce is made up of people with disabilities (the remaining 20 per cent can be recruited employees who are not disabled).

Target Groups

Persons with a mild disability, recognised as ‘disabled workers’, form the target employment group for Fastroad. A driver recruited by Fastroad will fill a post that is adapted to the challenges he/she faces and to his/her pathology. The company will adapt each of its positions depending on the profile of each individual.


The integration of persons with a disability, thanks to employment in an ordinary environment, is at the heart of the company’s development. The company is a direct employer, but is also equipped with the means to ensure that those recruited can be trained and given support, both when taking up employment and throughout their time spent with the company. A system has even been put in place to allow those wishing to move towards self-employment to achieve their aim by setting up their own company.

Intervention Approach

Fastroad offers the person with a disability employment in the transport sector, either transporting goods and/or passengers.

But as well as being a ‘straightforward’ employer, Fastroad has developed a specific support process which helps employees achieve their career objectives during the course of their employment with the company. Fastroad has therefore developed ‘Click-Road’, a network that can be used by any employee who wishes to progress by setting up on their own. The company will then support them with the required administrative, commercial and financial steps and in all of the formalities involved in setting up their own working structure.


Fastroad’s activities revolve around transport, both of goods (initial activities) and of passengers.

  • Goods vehicle driver
  • Passenger vehicle driver: Fastroad supports those employees who want to progress by supporting them in obtaining the national certificate for the transportation of passengers.


Companies using Fastroad tend to be key accounts, with customers such as Total, BNP Paribas, BPCE Group and Pernod Ricard. There are training activities, giving disabled employees the opportunity to learn the skills of the business: this occurs, for example, through training modules on the prevention of road risks, eco-driving, etc. A ‘’sister’ organisation runs these training activities: RiskRoad, a certified training organisation.

In addition, Fastroad organises start-up support activities and advisory services for any employee who wants to start their own business. Here, Fastroad enlists the help of an accounting firm as a partner, and of a banker for the core investment. Fastroad also helps them by putting all of the company’s IT tools at their disposal. The newly self-employed persons then operate under the common brand ‘Click-Road’ (a franchise-type affiliation).


Statutes are in place that allow adapted companies to receive a grant as well as assistance paid by the State for each disabled worker it employs.

Fastroad has approximately 70 employees (Ile de France) as well as other employees at its operations outside of the capital: a dozen people in Strasbourg and then Nice, 20 in Toulouse, and another dozen in Lyon.

The main job is that of driver, transporting passengers and goods. However, there are also positions as transport operator and trainer, and roles at operational level (business managers, human resources, executive assistants).


In 2016, the first two former Fastroad employees to have created their own organisations via ‘Click-Road’ had recruited 5 to 8 employees in less than two years, including one who only employs workers with a disability. They are also in a position to work with Fastroad on co-contracted projects.

In recognition of this innovative system, the company has won several awards in France in the field of employment of persons with a disability.

Tips for Practitioners
  • The significant involvement of the founding directors in this inclusive policy is a determining element.
  • Developing a thorough understanding of the concepts of inclusion allows you to contribute towards the creation of an inclusive society by way of employment.

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