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‘All different, all capable’ – Le Groupe La Poste


A large multi-service group, Le Groupe La Poste has a total workforce of nearly 250,000 employees, connecting with 65 million people all over France every day. Having been committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR) for many years, Le Groupe La Poste signed its sixth agreement to promote the employment of persons with disabilities (2015-2017) in 2015, co-signed by various French trade unions. This agreement was extended by one year for 2018, and accepted by the decentralised services of the Ministry of Labour (Direccte).

Target Groups

All persons with disabilities already working in the Group or applying to do so.


The current agreement contains several guidelines, ranging from achieving an employment rate for persons with disabilities of 6 per cent, to safeguarding employees’ jobs. The rate of employment of persons with disabilities has risen significantly each year, from just under 3 per cent in 2012 (the year the Group joined the Fund Management Organisation for the Professional Integration of People with Disabilities, Agefiph) to 6.42 per cent in 2017, with more than 12,000 employees with disabilities.

Intervention Approach

Le Groupe La Poste takes a global approach to diversity issues. The multiyear agreement has several major goals; in particular, they include:

  • Growth in the rate of employment to above the legal requirement of 6 per cent
  • Increasing the employment of persons with disabilities in all professions
  • Safeguarding jobs and developing employees’ careers by putting in place facilities and compensations for disabilities in the workplace
  • Implementing campaigns to evolve the mind-sets, attitudes and behaviours vis-à-vis disabilities
  • Recourse to the protected workers sector (outsourced services)

A wide range of activities have been deployed, including:

  • An internal awareness campaign to combat discrimination entitled ‘All different, all capable’, including discrimination against disabilities
  • Internal awards for the best disability-focused activities
  • Information booklets for employees with disabilities detailing the specific measures relating to them
  • Training for communications teams and IT project managers to make sites and applications more and more accessible
  • Purchases from the protected workers sector

Le Groupe La Poste has developed an internal network of contacts for persons with disabilities. These are all trained employees who dedicate part of their working time to supporting and monitoring persons with disabilities who work in the Group. La Poste invests several million euros each year in disability issues, much of which goes towards safeguarding jobs.


The employment rate of staff with disabilities has increased significantly year on year, reaching 6.42 per cent in 2017.

Tips for Practitioners
  1. The policy for the inclusion of persons with disabilities is implemented at a high level of the organisation by a dedicated department, namely the Department for Diversity and Equal Opportunities. This is a strong signal of the organisation’s commitment, demonstrating that issues of disability play a major role in a broader policy of acceptance and encouragement of diversity.
  2. Digital development is also considered in terms of inclusion (promoting access to information and employment by using internal digital solutions).
  3. La Poste utilises several regulatory options to achieve its obligatory employment objective, such as direct employment and purchases from the protected worker sector. Accordingly, it is important not to consider a single solution, but a wide range of mechanisms instead.

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