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How can I join YouMatch?

You can join YouMatch and contribute to its success in a number of ways that depend on you, your personal time resources and the level of commitment you want to dedicate to the dialogue and knowledge exchange. You can contribute your Good Practice to be presented on this website. Good Practices and lessons learnt can also be shared and presented in the frame of study tours for peers to your country. Furthermore, you can provide your personal expertise in one of our working groups.

What are the requirements regarding my contribution to YouMatch?

We do not expect a precisely determined level of contribution or commitment from our network members. Nevertheless, we are glad if you can provide your professional expertise in the way that is best compatible with your work and time resources.

How does YouMatch organise the exchange process?

We facilitate the regional exchange through working groups, study tours, regional conferences and e-learning formats.

Can I join existing working groups in MENA/SSA?

If you want to join an existing working group, please contact our team. We will check opportunities and help you get in touch with the group speakers.

How is YouMatch funded?

YouMatch is funded by the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development.

What is the current project duration?

The current project duration of YouMatch is from August 2015 to March 2018.

Why the two focus regions?

YouMatch focusses on the MENA region and Sub-Saharan Africa because youth unemployment rates there are among the highest in the world. Against the background that many countries in these regions have fast-growing young populations, the need for action to give youth a future perspective is particularly urgent.

How are the participating countries selected?

Officially participating countries are usually partner countries of German International Cooperation. Countries benefit most from connecting with YouMatch if they follow a national employment promotion strategy and already implement employment promotion programmes with a focus on employment services for youth. Information and exchange formats on this website, however, are open for interested people worldwide.

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